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What better way to learn about The BodyTalk System than from the founder himself,  Dr. John Veltheim . The following is from Dr. Veltheim's 2013 Presentation in Toronto:


The BodyTalk Experience: Introduction  (8:53)  



The BodyTalk Experience: Your Health Story (24:47)



The BodyTalk Experience: The Body Can Self Heal (8:02)



The BodyTalk Experience: Intuition and the Zone (19:05)



The BodyTalk Experience: BodyTalk Basics (11:56)



The BodyTalk Experience: What does a session look like (11:54)


Client Feedback



Amazing! The intense and frequent dizziness and nausea from a chronic inner ear problem is gone. As for my other health concern, prior to one of our sessions, I had doctors run tests. Later, the results confirmed exactly what you focussed on: Jeff R.

I thought the session was very powerful. I can take a deep breath without having chest pain or feeling air hungry. Look forward to the next appointment. Lydia K.

After I left the session, I felt that I was closer to the Real essence of myself.  It is as if "my soul is plugged back into the true Renita socket." Renita R.

Nolan (3 yr old who has been labelled Autistic) has improved overnight, eager to go to school, lots of smiles at kids and sat right on teachers lap, thank you. I hope you know how much we appreciate you. Shann H. 

Thank you.......work you did on Thurs cleared my mind and actually allowed me to function close to what I used to be able to do. I was exhausted when I got home rested for about 20 minutes and then got up and organized everything I needed to, Angela P. 

In terms of improvement, I am still able to stand and walk straight which was not the case before the session. The pain in my muscle is still there and I understand that it takes time for changes to take place. Also, I have noticed another change. I needed to make a very difficult personal decision at the beginning of the week. I had made some difficult decisions in the past but what was different this time was that I did not torment myself with self-questioning and self-doubting while going through the process

There is also something else...the pain started appearing in my right knee as if part of it has shifted from the hip down to the knee. Perhaps this is something that can be looked into in the next session. Milca C.

Thanks again for helping me bounce back to my joyful self! Joyanne V.

Thanks a million! Despite the increased cough, I feel like a person for the first time! Karin D.

Thank you for the other day!  I went from a 180 Richter scale to a 20.  Omg!   What a difference.  I went to work and I felt like a queen that whole afternoon.  Amazing feeling.  I did not have to act the position it was just how I was treated by others and the confidence I felt in my stride. I walked out of your space feeling so relaxed and unwound and untangled in my stomach and the tension was stripped away. Thank you for making me feel so much lighter and relaxed and confident again as I open my wings to fly again. So cool that I was protected all this time and very grateful. Namaste. Lesia R

Feeling great today. Sheldon told me I looked beautiful last night ...more than normal...like I had a glow about me or something! Melanie R

Thank you again. You are a beacon in my life—brightness in the dark, guiding me to my true home! Sandra L.



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